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Year 4 - 

Accelerated Reader

Hello Year 4 Parents and Carers,   

Please find attached the welcome back letter and the knowledge organiser for our topic this term. We are really excited for our ‘Get your Greek on!’ topic this term as part of the 3D curriculum. We will be focusing on how the Ancient Greeks lived and we can’t wait to share our learning with you all.  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Miss Beardsley and Mr Human  



Hello from your Year 5 Teachers

Dear Children,
We are looking forward to teaching you in September.  Whilst you are enjoying your summer holiday, we would like you to have fun working through the activities on the choice board.  We would like you to complete at least two of these activities.  


Have a great summer - Miss Draper and Mrs Heywood

HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!! - We have missed you all so much at school and although you will have moved on, can't wait to see you all safe and well in September. Here is a little bit of work for you to do over the next 6 week but if you do nothing else , READ & HAVE FUN - Mr Human, Mrs Brown and Mrs Smithers

If you would like to let us know what you're up to, we'd love to see your pictures about what you have been doing at home (doesn't have to be school work!) - Year4@springbankpri-ac.gloucs.sch.uk

Term 6 Week 7 - w/c Monday 13th July - LAST WEEK OF TERM!!!!!

English: Have a go at these SPAG tests and see what you can remember

Comprehension:  Have a go at these reading tests and see if you can use all your reading skills to answer the question about the 3 different texts

Maths: Attempt these arithmetic and reasoning tests and see what you can remember from year 4

Term 6 Week 6 - w/c Monday 6th July

English: Mission Possible - Week 4 - Write your Spy Story. Use all the ideas you have had so far and create your own story. Remember to include all the skills needed and think back to 'Zelda the Rain Cat' and how suspense was used.


Maths: This week you will be looking back at statistics. Think about how tally charts, bar chart and pictograms can be used to solve problems. Don't forget to try the Mystery Maths as well.

Science: This week its all about the bones in your body and how your muscles work. Watch the Powerpoint, build your own skeleton and demonstrate how muscles move your bones.

Term 6 Week 5 - w/c Monday 27th June

English: Mission Possible - Week 3 - This week is all about looking at the type of words used in the story BUT more importantly, it is your chance to look at Spy Codes and Spy Gadgets. Happy Inventing!


Maths: This week you will be looking at area and perimeter. What is the difference between the two and how can we work them out when values are missing?

Science: TEETH! - How many teeth do you have? Why do our teeth fall out why we are young? What are our teeth called? (Mrs Brown has a molar called Jeff!!) Whose teeth are these? Find out in the resources below.

Music: Look at this website and see how you can create music at home. There are great example of what other people have composed. If you make music of your own, send it to us and you never know, it might get played during an EPIC assemblyBBC - Ten Pieces at Home

Term 6 Week 4 - w/c Monday 22nd June

History: Create your own Roman God and show what you have learnt by revisiting the quiz you took at the beginning of the unit.

English: Start the new Talk 4 Writing Unit - Mission Possible. This is a great new spy story that will allow you to think about characters and settings before writing a spy story of your own. Week 2


Maths: This week you will be looking at all aspects of measure. How well can you convert length, capacity and weight?

Term 6 Week 3 - w/c Monday 15th June

History - Learn all about the Roman Gods and play games with your family using the resources below.

English: Start the new Talk 4 Writing Unit - Mission Possible. This is a great new spy story that will allow you to think about characters and settings before writing a spy story of your own.


Maths - Converting weight - this week you'll be looking at how to convert grams (g) to kilograms (kg) and back again. Don't forget, it is all about PLACE VALUE! Multiplying and dividing by 1000 mean that your digits have to move 3 places. Just make sure you are moving them in the right direction. (The videos show you how to do this by moving the decimal point - you might find this easier?)

There is also a Mystery Maths to test your wider knowledge as well.


Term 6 Week 2 - w/c Monday 8th June

Maths: Translation and Checkpoints


English: Edit, improve and publish a Diary for a Roman Soldier


History: What the Romans ate and planning a Roman Banquet

Music: Compose a Piece of Music

Term 6 Week 1 - w/c Monday 1st June

Maths: Co-ordinates and Mystery Maths

Spellings, VGP & English: Correct the Spellings, Subordinate Clauses and Write a diary for a Roman Soldier

Geography - What did the Romans bring to England?

Reading: Comprehensions

Art - Create a Lockdown Collage

WEEK 7 - w/c Monday 18th May

Maths: Maths Reasoning of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division + Mystery Maths

Spellings & English: Revision of sion + ssion words & Expanded Noun Phrases

Reading: Comprehensions

Science: Food Chains

WEEK 6 - w/c Monday 11th May

Maths: Maths Facts Revision, Rounding and Negative Numbers & Mystery Maths

Spellings & English: Changing Y for I  and Writing a Wishing Story - Week 2

Complete your wishing story and check against the success criteria. Edit your work and when you have done that, publish it either on the attached lined paper or any way you wish.

Reading: Comprehensions

Geography - Looking at Roman settlements

RE - Pentecost

WEEK 5 - w/c Monday 4th May

Maths: Maths Facts Revision, Maths Reasoning Practise and Mystery Maths

English & Spellings: Homophones and Writing a Wishing Story - Week 2

Read through the Wishing Story booklet and innovate the work you have already complete. Then it is time to write a wishing story of your own. This will continue next week along with editing and publishing.

Reading: Comprehensions

History: Roman Soldiers & the Roman Army

75th Anniversary of VE DAY Friday 8th May 2020

75 years ago VE (or Victory in Europe) Day was celebrated for the first time.  To help us remember this, Cheltenham Borough Council have created an activity pack. 

There are 7 different activities to choose from and you can share your work online https://www.facebook.com/ww1cheltenham. We are sure that they would love to see what SPA students have been doing celebrate this amazing anniversary.

WEEK 4 - w/c Monday 27th April

Maths: Maths Facts Revision

English & Spellings: Apostrophes and Writing a Wishing Story - Week 1

Reading: Comprehensions

Reading: Geography and DT (including cooking!)


WEEK 3 - w/c Monday 20th April

Maths: Fractions and Decimals

English: Speech and Writing a Suspense Story

Reading: Comprehensions

Roman History - Week 1 - Rockin' Roman Resources


Useful websites and links for you to use:

MATHS: Focus is on statistics and some subtraction revision this week

ENGLISH: What is a 'Subordinating Conjunction'? How can it be used? PLUS a couple of comprehensions for you to have a go at - don't forget to read your own books too.

SCIENCE: Classification of plants and Animals

RE: The Easter Story 

ART & DT: Roman art for you to explore



LOOK!!! Our plants are growing.


Here are 5 Maths lessons on decimal place value - we have done this so show your parents how much you can remember!


Now try these Fractions and Decimals sheets (plus a little addition revision thrown in)


Use these resources to write a letter to an old relative or someone in a retirement home who is missing the chance to talk to people.

Look at this week's spelling rules: QUE or GUE.

Attempt the comprehensions. Remember, the answers are in the text!

    Academic Year 2019/2020



    Luke Temple Free Book and Competition!! 

    Look at the free book and message from Luke Temple. You can enter the competition and help us win another visit from him and a SIGNED BOOK for you!!

    Maths Facts Bumper Resources

    TIMES TABLE ROCKSTAR - https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student/52740

    READING - Accelerated Reader quizzez https://ukhosted32.renlearn.co.uk/2238955/

    Here are some book lists for you to help choose appropriate reads for your kids:

    PE - REAL PE ACCESS - we now have home access to all the Real PE resources that we use at school. Enjoy these with your children.


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