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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 page! 

Welcome to Year 2!

On this page, you will be able to find out about all of the children's learning and gain an insight into what we are doing in class.

The Year 2 teachers are: 

Mrs Williams - Class 5

Miss Beardsley - Class 6 (Phase Lead for Year 1 and 2) 

Mrs Sobis and Miss Oakey also support the children's learning every day. 

Message from the Year 2 teachers: 

Term 2 is always fun in Year 2, we practice for our nativity, develop our fluency in reading and start to make connections in our maths learning. We greatly appreciate any support you can provide at home to help your child learn their lines for the nativity. 

Important Information: 

In Year 2, we recognise how important PE is as part of the curriculum.

Our PE lessons are as follows:

Forest School - Tuesday 

Outdoor PE - Monday

The children will need their PE kits in school for their outdoor PE lesson. This should consist of:

- blue, black or grey shorts/ bottoms

- a white or house coloured t shirt 

- pumps or trainers which the children can fasten themselves. 


Each week, your child will receive a spelling homework. These spellings will cover the Year 1 and 2 common exception words and spelling patterns that they have been learning in school each week.

The children also have access to Numbots https://play.numbots.com/#/account/school-login/52740 

This website allows your child to practice and apply their understanding of number. It supports them with their maths learning in school. We recommend that your child uses their login at least three times a week.

Reading at home: 

In Key stage 1, we value the importance of reading. We know that learning to read is a priceless, life-long skill that will unlock the whole curriculum for your child. Reading is important in all year groups but particularly in Year 2 as your children will be tested not only on their fluency but also their comprehension. 

It is important that your child reads regularly at home to help them consolidate their sounds that they have been learning in school, develop their fluency and support their comprehension. It is really important that all children have their reading records and reading books in school each day. Within their reading record, it is really important that you record every time they read at home as this provides important communication between home and school. When your child reads at school, you will receive feedback in the reading record too. 

Year 2 Curriculum 


In Maths, Year 2 have been continuing their learning of multiplication, learning to multiply and divide using the 2-, 5- and 10- table. We can record calculations using the multiply and divide symbol. 

Shortly, we are moving on to learn about money. This will include being able to recognise and know the value of coins and notes. We will be using our skills in addition to find the total cost of items, as well as using our subtraction skills to find change. 

Taking us shopping and identifying the cost of items on the shelves will help us in our learning and understanding.


As part of new Writing approach, the children have been exploring the traditional tale ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and they have been learning how to use commas in a list. The children will also be exploring recipes and how to write a set of instructions. The children will be learning how to write commands and use the suffix ‘ly’.


During our Reading lessons, the children are learning how to answer comprehension questions using the VIPERS approach. So far this term, we have introduced the following skills.






R – retrieval (where you can find the answer in the text)

S – sequencing (where you order events from the text)


We are also continuing to focus on the children’s fluency when reading aloud.


We are so excited to have introduced ELS spellings in Year 2. We have been learning about vowels and consonants. We have been exploring the alternative spellings of the vowel sounds.


In Science, we will be starting the year looking at animals including humans. During this term, the children will be looking at what animals need to survive, the importance of exercise and unpicking whether all food is good for us.


In Geography, Year 2 are exploring the seven continents and five oceans of the world. We can define what a continent is, what an ocean is and what a human and physical feature is. We are using maps, globes and atlases to identify countries in different continents as well as the human and physical features of each continent.  

We will be reflecting on similarities and differences of continents; the impact of geographical location and population has on continents and why physical and human features may be tourist attractions.


Year 2 will be exploring the key question - How do Christians celebrate Christmas? 

This will involve defining 'incarnation' and 'advent.' We will be reading and retelling the Gospel of Luke (The Nativity Story) learning about why Jesus was special, the gifts he received and different religious and non-religious images of Christmas. We will have the opportunity to use our creative skills to make a Christingle to enhance our understanding of how Christians prepare to celebrate Christmas.


In PSHE, we are learning about what bullying is and how the children should report anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. We are also exploring what behaviours would constitute as bullying.


In Computing, the children are exploring the different types of IT around them. Through the lessons, they will be exploring how to use IT safely,  the benefits of IT, how we can use IT in different ways and what IT is in school and the wider world.


Our Music lessons this term, focus on learning our nativity songs. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about our nativity.


In DT this term, we will be learning how to sew using the running stitch. We will be producing money pouches as our end product.