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Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 page! 

On this page, you will be able to find out about all of the children's learning and gain an insight into what we are doing in class.

The Year 1 teachers are:

Miss Beardsley is the Phase Lead for Year 1 and 2

Mrs Ind and Mrs Taylor - Class 3 

Miss Kittle -  Class 4 

Mrs Cooper and Mrs Elliott also support the children's learning every day. 

Message from the Year 1 teachers: 

The children have been absolutely EPIC so far this term and have been so eager to show their learning.

Important Information: 

In Year 1, we recognise how important PE is as part of the curriculum.

Our PE lessons are as follows:

Outdoor PE - Thursday

The children will need their PE kits in school for their PE lesson. This should consist of:

- blue, black or grey shorts/ bottoms

- a white or house coloured t-shirt 

- pumps or trainers which the children can fasten themselves. 

Forest School - Tuesday 

The children will need suitable clothing. This should consist of: 

- trousers that cover their legs

- a t-shirt and jumper which covers their arms

- a coat 

- a pair of wellies


We are really keen for the children to use Numbots - https://play.numbots.com/#/account/school-login/52740 

This website allows your child to practice and apply their understanding of number. It supports them with their maths learning in school. We recommend that your child uses their login at least three times a week.

Reading at home:

In Key stage 1, we value the importance of reading. We know that learning to read is a priceless, life-long skill that will unlock the whole curriculum for your child. Reading is important in all year groups but particularly in Year 1 as your children will sit their Phonics Screening Test in June. This assessment includes testing your child's phonics knowledge and how well they have progressed throughout the year.  

It is important that your child reads regularly at home to help them consolidate their sounds that they have been learning in school, develop their fluency and support their comprehension. It is really important that all children have their reading records and reading books in school each day. Within their reading record, it is really important that you record every time they read at home as this provides important communication between home and school. When your child reads at school, you will receive feedback in the reading record too. 

Continuous Provision in Year 1: 

We believe that continuous provision in Year 1 enables the children to explore and apply their recent learning, communicate confidently, think critically, while crucially building on their independence. The classrooms now have some continuous provision activities set out in the classroom to help aid the children's transition into Year 2.

Year 1 Curriculum  


In Maths this term, we will be looking at multiplication and division. We will start by counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and noticing the patterns here. We will move on to recognise what ‘equal’ means by creating equal groups. Then we will learn all about arrays – arranging objects in rows and columns to help us workout simple multiplication questions. We will focus on the concepts of grouping and sharing in division, using practical supports like sharing circles to help divide objects out equally.


In writing this term, we will focus on writing a diary. We will read ‘The Diary of a Worm’ for some inspiration and eventually go on to write our own diaries from the perspective of another minibeast. We are working on building our creative ideas, as well as recognising and correctly writing the days of the week. We will work on grammar such as plurals and adding -s or -es to the end of a noun when there is more than one. 

 ELS (Essential Letters and Sounds)


Year 1 are ever closer to the Phonics Screening Check in June. In preparation, we continue to learn new alternative sounds and review the phase 5 sounds regularly. We are spending more time as phonics detectives, spotting digraphs and sounds we know in a word before we segment it using robot arms and then blend it. We are then applying our learnt sounds into sentences on our whiteboards and more generally in our writing. Reading at home is the best support you can give to your child.

We will also be encouraging the children to use their sounds that they are learning in their writing using this method:


Say it, stretch it, segment it, blend it, count the sounds, say the whole word.. 


In Science, we will be learning all about plants. We will distinguish between wild and garden plants, identifying parts of a tree and flowering plant, as well as comparing the similarities and differences. We will also have the opportunity to grow our very own Sunflower plants and watch them grow!

Throughout the year, we will also be looking at the seasons.


Our focus for history is significant explorers such as Ibn Battuta and Edward Wilson. We will be drawing on the lives of these different individuals, the journeys they took and what they found there to understand what makes them significant now. We will explore a range of sources like historians with some as far back to the 14th century! Moreover, we will use our exciting trip to the Wilson Museum to understand the life of our own local explorer and explore more artefacts.


In computing, we will be using Scratch Jr to program animations. We will start by learning what an algorithm is, understanding that programs follow precise and set instructions and then create our own simple programs by getting the sprite to move around in all different ways.


In Art, we will be learning all about sculptures. We will explore different paper-shaping and rolling techniques to apply into making our very own paper sculptures. We will learn how to overlap, make a concertina effect and create different levels to our 3D drawings.

Eventually, Year 1 will be making a giant sculpture together… but we’ll leave what we’re doing as a secret for now.


Our key question this term is: Who do Christians believe made the world? We will be focusing on Christianity, looking at the Creation story and how Christians believe they should look after the world. The key concept we will understand is stewardship.


We will be learning to listen and appraise different types of music this term, hearing out for how the music makes us feel, what instruments we can hear as well as learning to sing the new songs. We will have a go at improvising along to them and composing our own variations as a class


In PSHE this term, we will be focusing on our health and wellbeing. We will explore who helps to keep us safe in the community, discuss who we can trust to ask for help, as well as recognise how to respond to strangers. We will look at dangers in the home and how we can get help if someone is hurt or unsafe by calling 999 in an emergency.