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Year 5 and 6 Page

Welcome to the Year 5 and 6 page! We hope that you enjoy reading about all the exciting learning that goes on at the top of the school and find all the information that you are looking for in the sections below...

Let me introduce the team! The Year 5/6 teachers are;

Mr Human 

Miss Kennedy

Mrs Edwards

Miss Roberts (Head of Year 5/6)

Mrs Upton, Mrs Perry, Mrs Simpson and Ms Breinholt also help to support our learning. 

Useful information about Year 5/6

  • The children will need their trainers in school every day for our 'Big Run!'. Ask your child for information about this exciting time in the day.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday and due in the following Wednesday. 
  • We expect children to read at home every night, therefore we have the R15E reading challenge, where the children read to an adult for 15 minutes a night.  If they collect 5 signatures on their bookmark, they can post it into a ballot box to win a FREE HOMEWORK PASS (!) every week in assembly.
  • Year 5 will also be swimming on Friday afternoons and will need to remember to bring their kit with them every week. Each class will have swimming lessons at different times during the year, so make sure you check with the school office or class teacher to find out when your child will be having their lessons.


UNITED is a huge part of the ethos of Year 5/6. We have continued to practise our skills through a range of challenges including: Testing paper aeroplanes, designing a new team game and presenting information to different audiences.

  • UN - Undertake planning and investigation (How can I prepare myself for this task?)
  • I - Information (What is the best way to present my ideas?).
  • T - Teamwork (How can we work together to achieve our goal?)
  • E - Evaluation (What could I do even better next time?)
  • D - Determination (How can I make sure that I try my best today?)

UNITED is an essential part of our everyday learning at Springbank Primary Academy and we really love being given the opportunity to explore these skills through fun and interactive activties. It's not all fun and games though - we also enjoy testing out our evaluation skills in literacy as well as using our determination skills with a tricky maths challenge!

Our UNITED skills become increasingly important as children in Year 6 prepare for the next exciting part of their educational journey - moving on to Secondary school! With all their fantastic UNITED experience, we know that they will continue to be superb teamworkers with oodles of determination!





This week the children are starting our new theme.  This is called ‘Back to the Future’ and linked to the ‘BIG IDEA’ of DISCOVERY.  The children will explore how various inventions have evolved through time from the first mobile phone to the smart phones of today and from the discovery of electricity and the very first light bulb to the modern lighting in our houses today!  The theme sheet below will show you some of the learning that the children will be participating in over the coming weeks.