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Your child's first year at school is an exciting time with lots of new things to learn and explore. Our EYFS team have a good understanding of this and have lots of experience helping children settle in and adjust to school life. In the Early Years at Springbank Primary Academy we believe in providing children with a safe and stimulating environment in which they can flourish. 

Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. At Springbank Primary Academy we greatly value the important role that the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) plays in laying secure foundations for future learning and development, however we also believe early childhood is valid in itself, as part of life. It is important to view the EYFS as preparation for life and not simply preparation for the next stage of education.

All children begin school with a variety of experiences and learning. It is the privilege of the practitioners working in Reception to take on the task of building upon that prior learning and experience. This is done through a holistic approach to learning, ensuring that parents/carers, support staff and the Reception teachers work effectively together to support children's learning and development. We pride ourselves in our good communication with parents and recognise the important role they have to play in their children's education. 

During your child's first year of school they will work towards Early Learning Goals. These goals cover 17 different areas of learning that are broken down in the following way:

Prime areas (which children should secure first):

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development and
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

Specific areas:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

At Springbank Primary Academy we believe these seven areas are equally important and depend on each other to support a rounded approach to child development. 
We aim to deliver all the areas through planned, purposeful play, with a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities.
Our main focus during the autumn term is to support children as they make the transition from pre-school to the school setting. We will help children get used to the rules and routines as well as making new friends. Alongside learning with adults in small groups, children will be able to choose from a selection of planned play choices. We will also be teaching children all about key skills to support them in all areas of learning including, having a go, making links, keeping on trying, choosing ways to do things, being proud and playing with what they know. We do this through a whole school approach known as: UNITED 
Our topic web details what we will be covering in more detail Click it for a better view: 



Click below to download an electronic copy of the weekly challenegs.

Wow Vouchers

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Supporting Websites

Follow the links below for websites which will help with supporting your child at home.

Week 1:
Counting fingers challenge


This sheet will also give you some ideas of what you can record on your WOW vouchers:




Week 2:
Pattern challenge

 More to follow....

Week 3:
Maths challenge